Two Zen monks were crossing a river. They met a very young and beautiful woman who also wanted to cross, but was afraid. So a monk carried her on his shoulders and carried her to the other shore.

The other monk was furious. He did not say anything but was boiling inside. That was prohibited. A Buddhist monk was not to touch a woman and this monk had not only touched her, but carried her on his shoulders.

They traveled several kilometers. When they got to the monastery, as they entered, the angry monk turned to the other and said:

-I'll have to tell the teacher. I will have to report this. Is prohibited.

-What are you talking about? What is prohibited? said the other.

-You have forgotten? You carried this beautiful woman on your shoulders -said the one who was angry.
The other monk laughed and then said:

-Yes, I took her. But I left her in the river, many kilometers behind. You are still carrying it.