If we become aware of its power, we retake the power to live the here and now, understanding that the only thing that exists is the now.

The past and suffering are your decision. The past gave you teachings that you use in the present moment. It is not necessary to constantly ask ourselves "why" events have happened to us. The best way to transform the energies of thought and emotion in our favor is to question the "for what" of each experience, extracting from it the lessons and the positive, overcoming what hurt and rescuing the most valuable of our life experience.

It is in your power to decide if you suffer from the pain of the past or if you connect with the present and in the ability to enjoy your life without suffering. All suffering is optional and is part of the thoughts anchored in the past and not in the present. If you focus on the past, from denial and resistance, your vibration causally attracts experiences similar to the present, alters future moments, which do not yet exist, since they will be part of another present. The only thing that exists is this instant and its repercussion on you .

The future is constantly changing, as it depends on your thoughts and emotions of the present moment. Your present vibration attracts and materializes the events of the future. Your vibration depends on the perception you have of the present moment and the infinity of gifts that the Universe is giving you at this moment.

Become aware of your thoughts, watch them and allow them to flow. Recognize them and decide to generate constructive and hopeful thoughts, without fighting or resisting. The best way to do it is to avoid thinking how, visualizing the value of the present moment, that is always with you.

If discordant thoughts have power in your mind, focus on generating concordant, pleasant, joyous and harmonious thoughts that change your perception of the here and now. Look at you, look around ... Extract the beautiful and keep that emotion.